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It's your turn to throw the line.

Set exposed traps to recover your stolen credentials

Be alerted in real time as soon as a hackable door opens 

Discover your Internet exposition and build your inventory

Put your Internet exposition under control,

and even weaponize it!

Phish-Back stolen credentials to attackers

Set up a Bait in minutes 

Deploy Baits in 5 minutes and just a few clicks. You don't have to install anything in your network, everything is managed in our SaaS infrastructure.

Trick attackers

​We deploy a perfect copy of your SSL VPN, webmail, or even business application. Give it an attractive name and wait for an attacker to test the credentials he's stolen from you on it.

Secure compromised accounts

When testing stolen credentials, the attacker receives a simple "login failed" message. Automate the password change for the compromised user and stop the attack before it even begins.

Build your external

perimeter inventory

Auto-Discovery assistant

Our auto-discovery assistant discovers new IPs that might belong to your organization in real time, using attacker discovery techniques, and let you add them to your inventory. 

Granular inventory

Annotate and document your entire inventory, including ranges, IPs and even individual ports. Never ask yourself again "what's the point of this SSH exposed to the Internet?"

Cloud Connectors

Connect your Cloud instances to add all public IPs to your inventory, and monitor them just like everything else in your infrastructure.

Monitor all your open doors in real time

Real-time monitoring

An administration interface exposed to the Internet is attacked in less than an hour. Be alerted in real time as soon as a hackable door is opened to the entire world.

Deep cartography

Internet exposure can't be monitored halfway. Detect your sensitive exposed services on all 65535 ports several times a week. Attackers will do it if you don't.

Opportunist threats

Detect vulnerabilities that could compromise your infrastructure in minutes as soon as they are made public, and avoid the usual waves of opportunistic attacks (Log4J, ProxyShell, etc.)

Phish-back your stolen credentials

Detect and close hackable doors in real time

Build your inventory with attackers vision

Dodge 99% of the attacks coming from Internet exposition

Focus on what's really important

No countless alerts, no low or informational vulnerabilities, just focus on what can get you in trouble.

Good news!

The vast majority of MokN projects can be up and running in less than two weeks.

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