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According to legend, there is a Thai tribe whose children have developed the extraordinary ability to see underwater far better than the rest of mankind. They're called the Moken tribe.
Our tool has been developed to bring vision to the murky waters of the Internet. That's where the name MokN comes from, as well as the graphic charter around the ocean and its depths.

Why MokN


Expert in Cyber Security, Pentest, data analysis and front end technologies.

Alexis Georges


Former SOC Manager for a big company, brings the vision of the project and handles marketing and communication.

Gautier Bugeon

With over 10 years experience working in SOCs for major companies, our team is above all passionate about IT technology and cybersecurity. Our primary objective is always to find simple technical answers, and we firmly believe that the basics and most obvious solutions can sometimes be the most powerful if they are carefully executed.

Our Team

Lead Developper

Expert in development, Cyber Security and back end technologies.

Adrien Casteleiro

Our goal with MokN is to respond to the problems we've encountered in the real world, working for almost 10 years in the SOCs of major companies. Never satisfied with what the market had to offer in attack surface management technology, we decided to develop our dream tool, based on the issues we actually encountered in our day-to-day SOC operations.  What better way to find out what companies really need than to have had to deal with the problem on a daily basis for years.

Our Vision

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