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Light up your 

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There is no point of catching stolen credentials if you have wide opened doors exposed to the Internet.

Build you external inventory and detect opened hackable doors in real time with Lantern.

Knock  Knock

How long does it take you to find out that you have an admin interface with a default password exposed to the Internet?

This should be the first question you ask yourself when starting an Internet exposure management project.

It takes less than an hour for an admin interface exposed to the Internet to start being attacked by bots attempting all simple or default passwords.

Rapidity and exhaustivity are key. Build your inventory and monitor your  hackable doors in real time with Lantern.

Lantern main features   

Inventory building

AutoDiscovery assistant

We don't believe in automatic inventory, which leads to a lot of false positives, and we don't want to monitor our neighbors' IPs. So we've developed a wizard that crawls the Internet every day looking for IPs that might belong to you, just as an attacker would. It then suggests them to you, and you can choose whether or not to add them to the inventory. 

Cloud Connectors

The cloud is a great step forward for corporate infrastructures, enabling servers and services to be created in a matter of seconds. Entry points such as public IPs are also often created, without you even knowing about them. We've developed connectors for all cloud providers, enabling you to add all your cloud public IPs in real time to your inventory.

Inventory management

Ultra Granular Inventory

The external perimeter is such a critical point that, in our vision, it must be 100% controlled. Nothing should be left to chance, and that's why we've designed Lantern to allow you to control and comment on your entire inventory, from IP ranges to individual IP ports. Never again will you have to ask yourself, "what's that RDP exposed ?!" when the incident occurs.

Inventory quality score

It can sometimes be difficult to know how to improve and manage your inventory. We've created an inventory quality score to help you prioritize the actions that will really make a difference on your security posture.

Open doors detection

Sensitives services

Lantern can detect and alert on sensitives services exposed  in less than 30 minutes, whereas the majority of tools on the market do it in 24/48h and sometimes more. When you consider that an administration interface is attacked in less than an hour when it's exposed to the Internet, the faster the better.

Important Issues

As former SOC managers, we know how important it is to deal with relevant alerts. Lantern detects and alerts only on issues that can impact your IS, such as weak passwords exposed to the Internet, or vulnerabilities that could really give remote access to your infrastructure.

A few times a year, vulnerabilities that can compromise corporate infrastructure directly from the Internet are made public. Just think of Log4J, EternalBlue or the many vulnerabilities in Fortinet VPNs. We keep a close watch on these vulnerabilities and develop ways of detecting them as quickly as possible, so that you can focus on remediation.

Opportunist Threats

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