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Phish-back your stolen credentials

Attackers don't share your stolen credentials on some obscure forums on the Dark Web, they use them to discretely infiltrate your network.

Use the Bait technology to get your stolen credentials back before they are used to attack your company.

Deceive the enemy

​Internal phishing trainings prove that we will never reach the 0 credentials leaks, as we cannot completely control the human factor. ​Attackers will, sooner or later, steal valid credentials from your collaborators, and will try to use them to compromise your infrastructure.​

MokN Bait allows you to put undetectable fake doors in front of the attackers, alerting you and destroying their advantage as soon as they try their stolen credentials on it.​

They won't even know how they lost their lead.

Choose your Bait profile...

​A fake webmail portal with a juicy hostname will trick attackers into trying to connect, thinking they will be able to exfiltrate data of your collaborators emails.


The only limit is imagination as we are capable of mimicking any application authentication portal.

The solution adapts to your risks and your context.

And more...

Perfectly mimic your SSL VPN interface used for remote access and home office to trick attackers who would like to use stolen credentials to connect to your network.


...and let us deploy it in 3min

Focus on your strategy

Our SaaS console lets you choose any type of web technology to duplicate in just a few minutes. Simply select your cloud provider, name the Bait, set the alert mode, and click 'deploy'. Within three minutes, your Bait is active, ready to deceive attackers. We handle everything, no hosting required on your infrastructure.

Focus on your defense techniques, not on all the constraints that come with classic deceptive technology projects.

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